Services :

The purpose of the organization is to render Medical to the destitute and the Physically and Mentally challenged People of our society similarly on other aspects which are as follows :
To work for the Welfare of the Widows or Widowers.
To conduct Health awareness programmes in backward and remote areas of our society.
To work for the removal of Superstitions and other Evil Practices prevalent in our society
To spread awareness about the Constitutional Rights enshrined in our Constitution so that the enshrined common people can avail its purpose.
To work in the Eradication of Pollutions (of all kinds) and its side effects and to establish a Pollution free world.
To establish orphaned, old age homes and other facilities
To Work for the removal of gender difference in the society
To impart the physical and written test coaching to the un-employed youth to enable them to get employment in Indian Armed Forces and police department and other Private and ministerial Job coaching etc.,
To spread the govt., polices and benefits to the remote areas and villages.
Maharaja Poshakulu : Rs. 5 Lakhs & Above
Raja Poshakulu : Rs. 1 Lakhs & Above
Poshakulu : Rs. 50,000/- & Above
Big letters :- Spl members- Rs. 10,000/- And Above
Datalu - Rs. 1,000/- & Above
Online/Net banking / favor of the :
S.S.R.K Seva Samithi C/A:- 00000062419777027
ifse code: SBIN0020490, swift code:SBININBB308
state bank of india, kesanakurru branch, INDIA