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Welcome to Kshatriya Seva Samithi, We are please to introduce our-self via this online portal; this websites is prepared for the purpose of enhancement and growth of Kshatriya community in all sort of life. This website contains information about Kshatriya Seva Samithi, Kshatriya History, Kshatriya worriers and empires; you will also get here many daily quotes and polls as well as many educations institutions and charity organization information. you can also add your business here to introduce with Kshatriya community, for students we have added career guidance information’s here all information about careers is given. We do also provide exclusive matrimonial service that is free for use. If you wish to contribute please send us your collection.
Andhra Ksharriyas
On this page you can read about Andhra Kshatriyas Parshat and also you can see Telugu Sampradaya Values & Traditions.
All indiakshatriya federation
On this page you can read about India's India Mahasabha and also you can see the list of president of every state and their contact details,
Fedaration Of Kshatriya Seva Sanghams
Kshatriya literally means "protector of gentle people". Second in the social hierarchy of the caste system, the Kshatriyas were kings and warriors.