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Unsaturated fatty acid :
Saturated fatty acid :

Much importance is given to unsaturated fat from the mental and physical health point of view. This fat is found in cows eating green pasture. Saturated fat in cow milk increases by feeding it husks grains etc which if drank causes high blood pressure. There are omega 3 and omega 6 in the unsaturated milk. These are called essential fatty acid (EFA). When both these two elements mix in balanced proportion it strengthens the mind of the person who drinks Ongole cow milk. Studies have shown that the DHA element is formed with omega 3 which makes mind stronger.

Properties of cow milk eating greener fodder In the milk of cows eating greener fodder, the fatty acid going by the name of conjugated leanolic acid (CLA) is present, which is very vital and which prevents many types of cancer. This CLA destroys the cancerous cells. Drinking cow milk minimises the onset of cancer. From other studies, it has been found that there are less cholesterol in the fat and stems the attack from atherosclerosis. The arteries get thicker by the formation of atheroma on its walls.

The benefits of Ongole cow milk in prevention of diseases
Cow milk forms the base of all dairy products. This makes bones stronger because, vitamin D, Calcium and other vitamins are found in it. All these elements are considered good for the health of bones. The calcium accruing from cow milk is constitutes a great role in various other body functions. Cow milk prevents clotting of blood and felicitates the smooth functions of veins and arteries. It also prevents contraction of muscles. It regulates enzymes activities. It also improves the smooth functioning of cell membrane. It regulates blood pressure. Iodine is found in ample quantities which regulates the function of thyroids.

Cow milk stems osteoporosis
The vitamins present in cow milk makes bones stronger. Vitamin K1 activates osteocalcin which is the main noncollagen protein found in bones. Osteocalcin give proper directions to calcium in the body. Its levels remain lower when the body lacks adequate vitamins causing shortages of minerals. A cup of cow milk daily covers the whole necessary elements. Leftopherin, which is the protein which binds the iron in cow’s curd or its milk boosts up osteoblast i.e. insulates the cells which is responsible for the formation of bones. This just reverses the processes of osteoporosis.Cow milk cures numerous serious diseases.




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